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November 21, 2012

Door Unlocked – 2

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So once more when I went to the Paris side, after a long time, the door to my apartment was unlocked again. Before leaving, I had double checked that it was properly locked.

A few days ago, although the door was locked, but it is sure that someone had come in (and had locked the door back when leaving). It is sure because – it may sound silly, but I am just writing what exactly happened – because the bottle of dishwashing soap was completely empty when I came back on that day. When I had left that morning, it sure had some soap in it. After I came back, not a drop would come out of it. Not even with a lot of squeezing.

Why would someone do it? That’s what I want to know.

As I wrote earlier, I am paying more than one third of my salary as rent. No one has any business coming in without asking me. And there is hardly anything to steal.

And, to repeat, I am just noting it down here because I don’t know what else to do. Every time this happens, I will do the same.


And yes, while going to Paris, as well as while coming back, there were those armed guards I mentioned earlier. This time there were a lot of them. This one (specific case) could be irrelevant, of course.

But not the above. I had a very bad night and someone is having fun.

I understand and appreciate the fact at least there are no bombs and missiles raining down on me.

However, if one did drop directly over me and did a thorough job, I wouldn’t mind very much. Would save me a lot of bother.




A la Forum Les Halles

“Ce est beaucoup drole. Ce est beaucoup drole. Ce est beaucoup drole.”

Is the spelling correct?




So today, the next day, I notice as I go out that my bicycle is gone. It was kept near the door, outside the apartment. Since yesterday when I came back it was dark, I didn’t see whether it was there or not.

It was a second hand bicycle that I bought for 40 euros. I don’t know whether someone has just taken it temporarily, or whether it is gone permanently.

What next?

(I had not used it for many weeks anyway. I hope someone in need has got it.)

(That may be a good kind of self-deception.)


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