अनिल एकलव्य ⇔ Anil Eklavya

July 29, 2008

V for Vodot’s Vendetta

Vodot hasn’t arrived, but I seem to have got (t)his vindictive message:

V for Vodot\'s Vendetta

But I thought Vodot was being held by someone.

Is this some kind of self-sponsored hijacking? Or is the world not so bad (or not so good) and someone is telling me that he (or they) has (or have) hijacked Vodot and I will be getting some message for ransom?

But why should I pay ransom for Vodot?

My shoes don’t have strings.


Waiting for Vodot

Instead of Access Denied, I often, instead, get these:

Waiting for Vodot

Vodot doesn’t arrive, of course. He is held up somewhere by someone.

(The hourglass cursor is not visible in the image).

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