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July 29, 2008

V for Vodot’s Vendetta

Vodot hasn’t arrived, but I seem to have got (t)his vindictive message:

V for Vodot\'s Vendetta

But I thought Vodot was being held by someone.

Is this some kind of self-sponsored hijacking? Or is the world not so bad (or not so good) and someone is telling me that he (or they) has (or have) hijacked Vodot and I will be getting some message for ransom?

But why should I pay ransom for Vodot?

My shoes don’t have strings.


Waiting for Vodot

Instead of Access Denied, I often, instead, get these:

Waiting for Vodot

Vodot doesn’t arrive, of course. He is held up somewhere by someone.

(The hourglass cursor is not visible in the image).

July 25, 2008

Access Denied (Arbitrarily, or May be Not)

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Have been getting these quite frequently over the last few days:

Access Denied (Flickr)


Access Denied (Google)

There have been many others, but I can’t post them all here, of course.

Here is a book from the MIT Press about such things.

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