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February 12, 2017

Why? – 3

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Why is the world so cruelly and psychopathically unjust?


January 21, 2017

Why? – 2

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Why is it that all the ‘liberals’ and the Democrats feel it is not just their right but their duty to be outraged by Trump, a phenomenon they caused directly and indirectly?


January 15, 2017

Being Trampled

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When the whole herd is marching off the cliff, if you try to walk in the opposite direction, you will be trampled.

December 4, 2016

Why? – 1

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Why do people tend to consider others, who are different from them, to  be idiots (or worse)?

November 29, 2016

I Know That

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I know that I will lose the job

Sooner or later

After that, I am going to die

Sooner or later

After that, I am going to be forgotten

Sooner rather than later

I have no family, so no traces will be left

Except a few gadgets and a lot of books

Which will be disposed of as of no value

Some of them are already outdated or damaged

That is the end. There is nothing after that.

What more is there to know?


Everyone present please observe two minutes of silence.

The … has been taken care of.

November 11, 2016

Rule of Law is Dead

Long Live the Rule of Law!

It is dead in various ways.

Someplace, it is dead as dodo.

Some others, it is dying fast.

The remaining, it is on the deathbed.

It was a sickly child when growing up.

It became a fake version of itself later.

Just like the case of liberalism.

Not to mention neoliberalism.

Might is right makes a big return.

Might is the rule, and the law, in 21C.

Investigation and execution as well.

Right of might is also back with a lash.

(Not surprisingly)

If you have fake liberals.

And you have fake lawmen.

With their fake legal transactions.

(Legal or extra-legal, what’s the difference?)

What did you suppose to get?

November 8, 2016

I am an Atheist

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And it is none of your business.

Do you understand this concept?

That some things can be:

None of your any business?

To disregard this concept can be:

Both unethical and illegal.

Even immoral, sometimes.

(समझदार को इशारा काफ़ी होता है)

October 16, 2016

Compliments and Twitteria

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I rarely get compliments of the first kind. Occasionally, I get compliments of the second kind, that is, the backhanded kind. I frequently get compliments which are of a variety of the second kind. But the ones I cherish most are the 1.5th kind. I cherish them so much that I am not even going to explain what that kind is.

Today I got a compliment of a variety of the second kind. A few days ago I got one which, I think (or at least I hope), was of the 1.5th kind.


By the way (and totally unrelated), in this day and age, it seems impossible not to get Twitteria. I had long ago created an account on Twitter, as I had on many other places, just for testing out. Most of these I deleted completely. I think I deleted the Twitter one too, but it seems to be still there, though I never really open it, let alone use it. Even then it turns out that I am not safe from Twitteria. Or Facebookeria. Or WhatsAppia. Or G-plusseria.

These may be the new hemorrhoids of the 21st century. Everyone gets them sooner or later.

But they are contagious.

September 23, 2016

Threat Perception

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I commute between the office and the home on bicycle. Half an year ago I had moved out of the campus. The journey has become slightly longer (more than double). Not very long, but not one I like.

During the last month, I have been in three very minor but very strange ‘accidents’. I am not good in traffic, but I ride as carefully as I can. I observe all rules (whatever applies to a mere bicycle). On all these three occasions, I was not at fault at all. The one today evening was something that cannot be ignored.

I seem to have angered some people (recently, unwittingly). In the coming days, something bad (or worse) happening are quite high. Most probably I won’t be at fault.

These may well be just be psyops. But the one today was not merely psychological. The other two weren’t either, but I was almost physically unhurt.

Psyops there have too been many earlier for many years, but they did not involve physical hurt.

These days, I mostly keep silent. If I write this, there must be a reason. And other things than just these three events. But as I said, I mostly keep silent these days.

(Coward? Maybe, but Futile? Yes.)

Once you have spoken up, has only silence ever saved anyone? Being just silent is not enough after that. Silence (omertà) needs to be there right from the beginning.

I have pointed them to a ‘manual’. They will use it, won’t they. Several ‘manuals’ in fact. One of them is right here on top right. Another one of them ends with a bullet in the head.

So it could be worse.

And the laws of comedy apply as ever. And the psyops continue. That’s from another manual.

There is still another amended (proactive) version of an ancient manual, which exempts god-fearing nationalists with families. It doesn’t exempt me.


झूठे गुणगान करो। झंडा फ़हराओ। कमी मत निकालो। मज़े करो। सब खुश।

(यह सब कर्म में गिना जाता है)

मत करो, पर अपनी जान निकाल कर रख दो। लात पड़ेगी। गाली पड़ेगी।

(यह कर्म में नहीं गिना जाता)

September 14, 2016

The Mafia Model

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The world is a really big mafia town and a family is its smallest unit.

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