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May 5, 2017

आधारित डायलॉग

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आधार बनवाया कि नहीं?


लेकिन आधार तो वॉलंटरी …


बनवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?


मीलॉर्ड आधार वॉलंटरी …


आधार तो वॉलंटरी ही है।


मीलार्ड आतंकवादी, काला धन …


आधार तो बनवाना पड़ेगा।


आधार बनवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?



आधार बन…


बनवा लिया! बनवा लिया!



आधार ‘अ’ से लिंक करवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?



आधार ‘क’ से लिंक करवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?



आधार ‘त्र’ से लिंक करवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?


लेकिन मीलार्ड आधार तो सामाजिक कल्याण योजना …


आधार तो वॉलंटरी ही है। लिंक करवाना ज़रूरी नहीं है।


मीलार्ड आतंकवादी, काला धन …


आधार तो लिंक करवाना पडेगा।



आधार ‘क’ से लिंक करवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?


करवाता हूँ! करवाता हूँ!


आधार ‘त्र’ से लिंक करवाता है कि ठोक दूँ?

पहले ही करवा लिया भाई।




सारे विकेट गिर गए बॉस।




राष्ट्रव्यापी जेल का राष्ट्रार्पण फ़लाने दिवस को होने वाला है।


April 14, 2017

IVR Systems – 1

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When you use an IVR system, most of them ask you to enter some kind of access code, such as the credit card number and other details. Combined with the fact that you are calling from your registered phone (which should be enough to identify you), by the time you reach the customer representative, they should already have enough information about you.

Then why do they always ask you to speak  out loud the same sensitive details, such as the credit card details, Aadhaar number (or the Aadhaar enrollment number and the time of enrollment).

In some cases, after you have done all that, you are simply told to wait for some more days, without saying anything about your query.

Is that how it is supposed to be? It doesn’t sound right.

April 5, 2017

Personalized Recommendation – 1

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Top YouTube Personalized Recommendation

[I don’t use this account for viewing YouTube videos at all.]

March 29, 2017

Not So Old European Ideas

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Secularism is a European idea. And a recent one at that.

Indeed it is.

So is Nationalism.

Atheism, however, is an ancient Indian idea. Multiple kinds of atheism, in fact.

March 8, 2017

Psychopathy – 1

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(The Hindu, 8th March, 2017)

Poor The Hindu! It is trying very hard to establish its neoliberal credentials and to please the powers that be for years now, but it is still cursed for being anti-Hindu.

February 12, 2017

Why? – 3

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Why is the world so cruelly and psychopathically unjust?

January 21, 2017

Why? – 2

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Why is it that all the ‘liberals’ and the Democrats feel it is not just their right but their duty to be outraged by Trump, a phenomenon they caused directly and indirectly?


January 15, 2017

Being Trampled

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When the whole herd is marching off the cliff, if you try to walk in the opposite direction, you will be trampled.

December 4, 2016

Why? – 1

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Why do people tend to consider others, who are different from them, to  be idiots (or worse)?

November 29, 2016

I Know That

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I know that I will lose the job

Sooner or later

After that, I am going to die

Sooner or later

After that, I am going to be forgotten

Sooner rather than later

I have no family, so no traces will be left

Except a few gadgets and a lot of books

Which will be disposed of as of no value

Some of them are already outdated or damaged

That is the end. There is nothing after that.

What more is there to know?


Everyone present please observe two minutes of silence.

The … has been taken care of.

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